Team Elite

a Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod similar to Team Fortress


scout Scout

Munro Ensign Alexandria/Alexander Munro

Health Shields Jump Mass Speed
75 0 Hight Light Very Fast

They can jump higher than any other class (125%) and can control their movement through air better.

They don't take any falling damage.

They thrown farther by damage knockback.

They can switch between using the Temporal Accelerated Boots and the Anti-Gravity Pack The Anti-Gravity Pack is slower than the Boots but is still fast. While using the Anti-grav pack they cannot grab the flag (if you have the flag and try to use the Anti-Gravity pack the flag will be returned).

One Transporter is given to them when their health drops to 50 or less.

They can see through Personal Cloaking Devices.

They will not set off alarms unless they have the flag.

scout scout