Team Elite

a Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod similar to Team Fortress


plasma specialist Plasma Specialist

Oviedo Lieutenant Perfecto Oviedo

Health Shields Jump Mass Speed
100 150 Below Average Above Average Slow

Since he is equipped with a Hazard helmet and plasmaboots, he cannot drown or die in lava or hazardous liquid.

Splash damage and his Fall damage is reduced by 50%. He also is thrownback less by damage knockback.

The Alt Fire mode on the Plasma Cannons will ignite enemies on fire at -5 a second for 3 seconds. The Alt Fire mode on the Plasma Cannon also has a smaller range.

Plasma Cannons cannot harm the Plasma Specialist.

He is equipped with Borg Transporter Technology for 5 seconds (however he cannot grab a flag with it).

Everyone can see him using Borg-Transporter Technology.

plasma specialist