Team Elite

a Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod similar to Team Fortress


medic Medic

Jurot Ensign Juliet Jurot

Health Shields Jump Mass Speed
100 75 Average Average Average

Her Max regen health is 150.

She can place 2 health stations in the map by hitting the "use object" key on a wall or other surface. This health station is usable by only your team. It can be blown up by members of the enemy team. It can dispense up to 1000 units of health. Using it (hit the "use object" key on it) will recharge your health to its max level.

At any time, any teammate can walk up to a Medic and hit their "use object" key to give themselves 25 points of health but no more than their max health.

Her Bioweapon can heal, cure and boost teammates to 25 health points above their max level.

Her Bioweapon can infect enemies and causes -2health/second

She can always see the health and name of other players as long as crosshair drawing is on and crosshair name drawing is on and if thirdperson mode is off. However, she wont ever see the name or health of a enemy hologram.

She cannot get tranquilized or infected by they Bioweapon.