Team Elite

a Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod similar to Team Fortress


hologram Hologram

the doctor The Doctor (EMH Mark I)

Health Shields Jump Mass Speed
100 0 Above Average Light Average

The Hypospray is a instant frag on enemies but requires a closer range. The hypospray shows up as a Particle Gun to the world to allow him to fool enemies better.

Bioweapon (alt only) to tranquilize enemies (slows them down 85% for a few seconds).

He has a Solid/Non-Solid Holographic Matrix, which allows you to go through walls, floors, etc. He can toggle between Solid and Non-Solid states, but a Non-Solid state takes 5 health a second to use and he cannot grab the flag while he is in a Non-Solid state.

He can Disguise as the enemy, but cannot disguise if he has the flag. Whenever he takes damage, or if he fires his Phaser he loses his disguise, but it can be turned back on.

Holograms will always show up as a question mark on the scoreboard, to prevent others from knowing if he is disguised, also noone but teammates will be able to see his name and enemy medics wont see his health.

Sentries and Drones wont detect Holograms that are cloaked, disguised or in a Non-Solid state. He will never set off alarms.

He gets 3 Cloaks (which will last for 10seconds max each), which can be toggled on or off. They take 1 health a second. He cannot cloak when he has the flag (or else it will be returned). The cloak is also disabled when he shoots.

Depending on his health he may or maynot be allowed to activate the Cloak or Non-Solid Holomatrix at times.

He sees Holographic Decoys as wireframe grids.

He cannot drown since he doesn't breathe and he has a lower mass.

His HUD shows what class he is disguised as.

Ingame he shows a fake team sprite when disguised to enemies.