Team Elite

a Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod similar to Team Fortress


Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure:

  1. Make sure EF is patched to 1.2
  2. What is com_hunkmegs set to? It should be 2/3 of your RAM for better performance.

Why do I get an error when playing Team Elite?

If you have too many files in the baseef folder then when you launch TE it can take it over the limit. Also read # 1 & 2 above.

How do I use the binds?

Press ~ to bring down the console and type
/bind x sentry
Now when you press x you can place a sentry (as long as you are the engineer class). You can replace x with any keyboard button. Basically, binding sets that keyboard button to be used for that command, for example you could use
bind mouse2 jump.
Be sure to view the binds section for more information.

How do you select your class?

You can preselect your class before the game ever starts if you are playing offline, by clicking on the class icon.match setup

And if you already playing you can press ESC, then goto the Team/Class Menu and you can go through all the classes.ingame menu

team menu
Or you can bring down the console and type
/class engineer
Be sure to view the binds section which lists all the correct commands for changing classes.

Why are all the people showing up as Munro? When I play anything else it gets switched to Munro automaticly.

You cant change classes by changing skins, you have to press ESC and use the Team/Class menu or type in the console
/class engineer
or whatever class you want. Also before the game launches you can set the bots to whatever class you want by clicking on their icon. You can also press ESC during the game and kick or add bots. You can also select their class by clicking on the class icon. Be sure to view the binds section which lists all the correct commands for changing classes.

Does Team Elite work without the Expansion Pack?


Will it run on a Mac?

Yes, launch EF:Holomatch then select Mods then pick Team Elite.

Will it run in Linux?

It should, when I compiled it and I made QVMs not dlls.

In the Flux gamemode, when I get killed I become a spectator, why?

It depends on how you die. If you die by telefrag, lava, slime, suicide then you get moved to spectator, this is supposed to prevent cheating.

Does it work online or offline?

It works online, offline or on a LAN.

Does it work with bots?

Yes, it works with bots and/or humans.

Sometimes the sentry wont spawn correctly, why?

If you try to put it in an invalid spot it will not spawn (such as over the flagbase).

How does the airstrike work?

If you are the Commander class then fire the becon and as long as the sky above it is clear then photons will be fired, otherwise it just explodes.

Will it work with Free For All (DeathMatch) or Team Deathmatch?

Yes, but it makes much more sense to play Team Elite with Capture the Flag.

How can I stay attached to the wall with the Inverse Tractor Beam (grapple)?

Once the Beam is touching a surface you can keep the fire button down and switch to another weapon. Then it will pull you to that spot and you stay attached to the wall. And then you can fire your other weapons when you want. To release yourself, select the Inverse Tractor Beam again and you will be released.