Team Elite

a Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod similar to Team Fortress


engineer Engineer

Torres Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres (Chief Engineer)

Health Shields Jump Mass Speed
100 50 Average Average Average

She can build 1 sentry. After the sentry base is clear for 3 seconds the turret will appear. The sentry can rotate 360 degrees and can take team damage.

She can place an ammo station in the map by hitting the "use object" key on a wall or other surface. This ammo station is usable by only your team. It can be blown up by members of the enemy team. It can dispense up to 1000 units of ammo. Using it (hit the "use object" key on it) will recharge all weapons the player is currently holding. Limited to 3 Ammo Stations.

At any time, any teammate can walk up to a Technician and hit their "use object" key to give themselves full ammo.

She has jamming frequencies to prevent Enemy drones from homing in.

She can place an alarm that will sound off a warning when enemies are near it.

She can use enemy consoles and buttons (if there are any in the map).

She can walk through enemy Portable Force Fields.