Team Elite

a Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod similar to Team Fortress


commander Commander

Chakotay Commander Chakotay

Health Shields Jump Mass Speed
100 100 Average Average Above Average

When he shoots the Grenade Launcher Type II, it ejects a beacon which emits a signal to Tom Paris in the Delta Flyer so he can deliver an airstrike (the beacon must land in an open area or else it will self destruct).

He can place 2 shield stations in the map by hitting the "use object" key on a wall or other surface. This shield station is usable by only your team. It can be blown up by members of the enemy team. It can dispense up to 500 units of shield energy. Using it (hit the "use object" key on it) will increase your shields by 25 points, but will not go over your max shield level.

At any time, any teammate can walk up to a Commander and hit their "use object" key to give themselves 25 points of shield energy, but will not go over your max shield level.

When his health drops to 20 or below he is given a transporter device.