Team Elite

a Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod similar to Team Fortress


Version 2.0 Changes

Several things were renamed, moved around and removed for better gameplay.


Beissman skin, 125 health, 100 shields, Photon Burst (does less damage), Compression Rifle, Particle Gun (all without alt firemodes).
Slow, above average mass, lower jumpheight.


Foster skin, 150 health, 100 shields, Tetryon Disruptor (lots of ammo, does a little less damage, requires spinup before firing), Scavenger Rifle, Particle Gun (all without alt firemodes), can place shield up (only 1).
Very slow, heavy mass, very low jumpheight.


Gets to put up ammo stations instead now, 50 armor, weakend Ion Ripper some, gets the drone seeker, can use enemy useables, can walk through enemy forcefields.


Gets the ability to put up armor stations now.


Gets Hypospray (alt only, is slightly slower and requires a closer range), Bioweapon (alt only) to tranquilize enemies (slows them down 85% for a few seconds).
Hypospray shows up as a Particle Gun to the world to allow him to fool enemies better.


Gets Particle Gun (no primary fire), and Bioweapon (no alt), max regen level at 150, loses hypospray, cannot get infected or tranquilized
Her Bioweapon can heal, cure and boost teammates to 25 health points above their max level. Her Bioweapon can infect enemies and causes -2health/second

Plasma Specialist

Takes 1/2 splash damage now.