Team Elite

a Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod similar to Team Fortress



You can add these binds to keys or in you hmconfig.cfg. Team Elite uses the hmconfig.cfg in the teamelite folder. If typing from the console you will have to add a slash before the line. For example:
/bind x sentry
and replace x with whatever key you want.

Toggle 3rdperson mode on/off

bind x cg_thirdperson !

Commands for Scout

bind x gear

Commands for Engineer

bind x sentry
bind x alarm

Commands for Hologram

bind x cloak
bind x holomatrix
bind x disguise engineer
bind x disguise commander
bind x disguise hologram
bind x disguise trooper
bind x disguise plasma
bind x disguise demo
bind x disguise guard
bind x disguise scout
bind x disguise scout_f
bind x disguise medic
bind x disguise sniper

Toggle on/off Sniper's Lasersight

bind x cg_lasersight !

Change class (by commands)

class engineer
class commander
class hologram
class trooper
class plasma
class demo
class guard
class scout
class medic
class sniper

You can also change classes by pressing ESC then picking team/class in the UI.

Required server settings

set fs_game teamelite
set g_pModSpecialties 1
g_gametype 4

Flux gamemode

set g_pModAssimilation 1

New Cvars, 0 = off and 1 = on

//realistic fall damage (server option)

g_realfalldamage 1

//turn on/off death messages (obituaries)

set cg_deathtext 1

//turn on/off the lasersight for the Sniper

set cg_lasersight 1