Team Elite

a Star Trek Voyager Elite Force mod similar to Team Fortress


team eliteThis is a Star Trek based "Team Fortress" with a total of 10 BALANCED classes, 14 weapons, great TEAM play and new abilities. This mod is for the PC game Star Trek Voyager Elite Force.

Features: Sentries, cloak on demand, walk through walls, borg transporter technology, airstrikes, health stations, armor stations, tricorder radars, disguising holograms, ignite enemies on plasma (fire), Inverse Tractor Beam (grapple), lasersights, improved bot code, infect enemies and much more.

10 Classes: Trooper, Guard, Scout, Commander, Hologram, Engineer, Plasma Specialist, Demolitionist, Medic and Sniper.

14 Weapons: Inverse Tractor Beam, Particle Gun, Bioweapon, Grenade Launcher Type II, Ion Ripper, Plasma Cannon and improvements on the other weapons. Compression Rifle works on locational damage. Some weapons now have recoil and "camera shaking".

Both the server and client(s) will need to download in order to play on a server. It will play without the EF Expansion Pack. It works online, offline or on a LAN and it works with or without bots. Works with ALL existing maps.

Flux gamemode: In Flux, when you frag someone they join your team, teams can fluctuate constantly, game ends when everyone ends up on the same team. Certain deaths (lava, suicide, etc) will have you moved to spectator to prevent cheating. Available in Team Deathmatch only. In order to keep the gameplay from constantly loading new skins, you can either be a Male or Female Hazard Team Member with a Helmet. All players get the Inverse Tractor Beam.

Thirdperson crosshair: It actually changes location according to your view when in thirdperson mode. To switch to thirdperson type: cg_thirdperson 1 in the console.

5 Taunts for each class and some classes have new skins.

Other: In general chats, name will be team color and will play a Hailing sound. In team chats the chat text will be the team color and will play a comm badge sound. Powerups removed from all gamemodes. Suicide time limit is increased to 60 seconds. Alarms, placeable forcefields, tripwire mines, sentries and health/ammo/shield stations will be removed on disconnect, team change or class change.